The AdaptiGrow smart planter is designed to help your plants thrive at the touch of a button

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About AdaptiGrow

The AdaptiGrow planter is a compact solution that mixes hydroponics with a fully automated system to monitor, adapt, and maintain your plant, giving you three times the food, plant, or medicine in one third the space.

AdaptiGrow uses multiple sensors to help your plant. The sensors monitor and the unit fine-tunes:

  • Nutrient levels
  • Moisture concentration
  • Temperature
  • Light levels (optional accessory, coming soon)

AdaptiGrow makes growing the plants you love effortless and accessible all year round. You will never be far away from your favourite herbs or vegetables with the AdaptiGrow.


Our Mission

In order to sustain a population of 9 billion people by 2050, global food production will need to increase by 70%.

Over the coming decades, we will need to do more with less agricultural space to grow the food we need.

We believe that in order for us to meet that 70%, we will need to bring the agricultural space indoors.

Our mission is to make growing plants indoors effortless, so you can enjoy the benefits.

We believe in a future with the inexpensive and sustainable production of food for all.



AdaptiGrow Features



Just sit back and relax.

AdaptiGrow is easy to use, all you need to do is fill the liquid reservoir, plant your seed or seedling and tell the app what you have planted.



AdaptiGrow is climate control. 

Using our greenhouse accessory,  AdaptiGrow can also grow a selection of out of season produce all year round. 



Let’s grow together.

Through the Centaurus Marketplace (, you will be able to connect with others to trade your produce.