Experience a transformed teaching experience:

The educational package includes:
  • An additional educational app.
  • Experiment designs
  • Larger amounts of different growth medium


Demonstrate: Demonstrate growth rapidly and successfully every time.

Control variables: Control temperature, water, nutrient availability and allow students to vary the oxygenation environment.

Analyse: Analyse real data that has been derived from impressive full life-cycle controlled experiments, and teach children to code.

A truly engaging experience for students: Utilise a range of tools, including our educational app. and guidance syllabus to craft a truly memorable experience for students.

Note: Bulk discounts are available, as well as a preliminary information pack.

Equipping students for the future

Use AdaptiGrow to teach and demonstrate the fundamentals of IoT (internet of things), machine learning and allow students a rich coding experience, where desired.

The unit is able to adapt its growth parameters based on the actual performance of the plant, and as such pooling the learning experiences of different units via an IoT architecture becomes a powerful research tool.

AdaptiGrow thus offers as close to comprehensive and relevant a technological experience to students as any one product can offer.

The Future of Food

  • Sustainability requires productivity.
  • The agricultural land to cater to increasing world demand does not exist.
  • This requires hydroponics and controlled-environment growth.
  • AdaptiGrow is your opportunity to teach using future-proof technology, which reflects the agricultural and jobs reality with which students will be confronted in the future.
Plants are cultivated in hydroponic system