AdaptiGrow – The Missing Link

There is great desire in the community, especially in urban areas, to surround oneself with living, preferably edible things. Built-up, often spartan apartment blocks that many urban dwellers have to survive with leave a desire in the heart for a more uplifting environment. At least an environment which melds the biological and the technical worlds into a more seamless, more creative and normal manner.

The impact on human psychology of more beautiful, living environments has been confirmed many times and is borne out quite easily in lived experience. Not to mention the improvement in indoor air quality which results from an increase in plant life; indoor air quality which is often surprisingly bad and contributes to a range of chronic illnesses.

Given all this, the question can be posed as to why we have not seen a greater change in the behaviour of urban dwellers over the past couple of decades. If the subconscious need is so great, then why do we not see more plants in apartments and schools and just greener cities in general?

Whilst on the one hand there is what one could call latent demand, this demand is generally not great enough to overcome the lifestyle costs of growing plants in cities in a traditional fashion. The resources required, both in terms of effort and time, rarely justify a change of behaviour on the part of the citizen. The cost/benefit equation is not right, as the wasteland of unattended pot plants will attest to.

AdaptiGrow addresses this challenge. In essence, AdaptiGrow essentially erases the cost part of the equation and significantly magnifies the benefits. We want to make growing at home a no-brainer, just as buying a toaster or a washing machine are no-brainers in terms of the cost/benefit consideration. The hyper-compact hydroponic system delivers three times the result in one-third the space, whilst this benefit is packaged in a practical and beautiful planter that appeals to the traditional aesthetic sense of a friendly plant pot.

AdaptiGrow captures the joy of growth whilst eliminating the hassle, making it easy to grow some of your fresh produce right at home where you use it. There is no need to change your routine, and you are able to green and freshen your home whilst you are at it. Insure the health of your plants and enhance your wellbeing by welcoming AdaptiGrow into your home!

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