AdaptiGrow Square – Coming soon


The AdaptiGrow smart planter is designed to help your plants thrive at the touch of a button. 

AdaptiGrow is the first mass-market smart planter, perfectly suited to blend into a diverse range of households and lifestyles. Combining productivity and aesthetics, the unit is available at very accessible prices, giving you up to three times the food or flower in half the space (as compared to average soil performance), utilising an extremely compact, advanced sensor and regulation system.

Simply select the plant you are growing in the AdaptiGrow application, and the unit does the rest.

AdaptiGrow is designed to be an aesthetic complement to busy homes and lifestyles and will grow your vegetables, flowers and herbs quietly in the background, providing optimal growing conditions specific to the selected category of plant. Furthermore, the system is able to adapt environmental programs based on the real-time performance of the plant, using machine learning to evolve and learn. And when one unit learns, all units learn, creating a powerful horticultural hive mind.

Users enjoy the single-touch functionality, as well as the IOT enabled integration to the online space. Within the AdaptiGrow app., users are able to monitor the plants being grown, whilst being informed anytime action needs to be taken.



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